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Managed Services
managed service
Pan Asia provides high-quality, reliable and cost-effective services primarily in the core areas of managed services, remote infrastructure management / support and workforce management.

Clients from across the globe, from USA, to South East Asia, to Korea, avail of these services and improve their businesses by leveraging on our expertise in combining technology skills with efficient process frameworks and outsourcing capabilities.
field-testing Mobile Phone Testing enables carriers, distributors, and manufacturers to cost-effectively analyze product designs early in the development stage, and resolve issues before launch of the devices, thereby ensuring product success.

The need to launch mobile devices in multiple countries with multiple geographic features with varying localized needs and different levels of telecom infrastructure sophistication, requires handset companies to test their devices across these countries and conditions before proceeding with a commercial launch.

Drive Testing involves testing the manufacturers' phones, data cards, and other devices in a specific carrier's defined market. We compare call processing performance, data throughput and received signal strength to a benchmark device, plotting the results on a map using GPS information.

Pan Asia specializes in executing such field and drive testing projects and has successfully completed projects across APAC, South America, Asia, Europe and North America.
field-testing Why staff your own help desk when we can provide a higher level of service for relatively lesser costs ?

Pan Asia is a leading provider of local language helpdesk services, server OS administration, remote connectivity support, desktop services, e-mail administration and RIM turnkey services in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, USA and in other geographies.

Our local language support services are customized to meet individual client requirements and budgets.

Our wide range of QA services provide companies with cost-effective integration testing, functional testing, regression testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, usability testing, internationalization/ localization testing and system testing through the entire life cycle of software application development.

We provide our clients with access to a full spectrum of proven software Quality Assurance (QA) techniques along with remote infrastructure support that deliver the highest levels of performance, quality and availability. Our testing tools reduce costing, improve time-to-market and provide an in-depth analysis of specific client requirement across a host of industry verticals.

We conduct and deploy extensive test frameworks and utilize best test methodologies to ensure application quality and integrity for multi-country projects within defined deadlines. Some testing methodologies which we follow are:



The Internet offers companies around the world exciting opportunities to develop new business relationships and increase revenue without having to depend on the economic conditions of their local market. By providing content in local languages, companies that serve foreign markets will see an increase in revenues as customers will feel more comfortable doing business with a company that has a web presence in their local language.

However, often companies do not have the expertise to properly develop their web content in multiple languages making it difficult for them to compete in the International marketplace.

We help companies overcome language barriers by providing them with multilingual website content that automatically targets and localizes for users in specified countries. Our multi-lingual content generation, content management workforce helps companies achieve seamless integration of their global websites with localized content.